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Dr. Johanna Youner, DPM, FACFAS


Laser, Aesthetic, Medical and Surgical Footcare

From cosmetic foot surgery,  Botox for sweating, Injectable Filler Treatments   use as well as the most progressive aesthetic lasers 
Dr. Youner leads New York City in progressive, cutting edge foot care for New Yorkers of every age.





Welcome to Healthy Feet NY and Park Avenue Laser Treatment!

Dr. Johanna Youner and Associates can treat all foot conditions including injuries, surgeries and nail conditions using the world's most advanced technologies.

Our doctors provide all medical and surgical care pertaining to the foot. 

Appointments can be made by phone, online with ZocDoc, or by visiting our offices at 40 Park Avenue, (entrance on E 36th Street) in New York City. 

Podiatric Treatments include:

All treatments relating to feet, including care of nails, skin, injuries, corns and calluses

  • Bunions and Hammertoe Surgery with a Cosmetic Approach
  • Ultrasound Guided Injections for plantar fasciitis and neuromas
  • Foot Filler injections 
  • Botox  injections for over-sweating 
  • Medical Pedicures
  • Nail Restoration with Gehwohl Products
  • Bleomycin Sulfate for Warts
  • Medical Pedicures
  • In-Office Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails 
  • Debridements of nails and ingrown toenail care
  • Diabetic Footcare
  • Moore Balance Braces for Fall Prevention
  • Geriatric Footcare
  • Sports Medicine
  • Custom Casted and Medical Grade Orthotics
  • Trauma and Sprain Care from Crutches to Casts
  • Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal
  • PicoSure Skin Rejuvenation and Hand Rejuvenation


 Park Avenue Laser Treatment 

Dr. Johanna Youner performs Laser Tattoo Removal with the most effective laser technology in the world, the PicoSure laser and Picosure FOCUS facial treatments for rejuvenation.

Dr. Youner performs laser photo-facials, Botox treatments and PCA chemical peels for facial rejuvenation with a gentle touch and a doctor's eye.

PicoSure laser performs FACIAL Skin Rejuvenation for those over 35 with Fraxel type technology with no downtime.

Dr. Youner is a certified Botox injector. certified Laser technicial and PCA Skin Professional with advanced training for chemical peels and injectable facial botox.

PicoSure Laser technology performs painless lunch time rejuvenation that is astoundingly effective without tell-tale signs of treatment.